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Stainless Steel, 94% Efficient Modulating Condensing Commerical Boilers

From the manufacturer of the Phoenix water heaters and Munchkin boilers come the ModCon commercial sized stainless steel condensing boilers. Learn about the features and benefits of these jumbo sized Munchkins. 300,000 BTU
500,000 BTU
850,000 BTU Each model has integral
stacking racks and internal sequencing for stacked units of: 600,000    BTU
1,000,000 BTU
1,700,000 BTU Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction resulting in light weight package 
  • Modulating Burner – 5 to 1 turn down (i.e.: 500 down to 100 MBH)
  • Hi-lo gas pressure switches optional add for plug and play
  • Field installation
  • Vent to 200 equivalent feet combined in Plastic Pipe (i.e.: Model 300-3”/500-4”/800-6” )
  • Vents in either Stainless Steel or Plastic (PVC, CPVC)
  • Integrated condensate collection system easy to clean and maintain
  • Outdoor Reset/DHW Priority
  • Boiler rotation – Cascade –( i.e.: Vision 3 functionality built into boiler control)
  • LED Lights Showing System Operation – DWH Pump-Central Pump- Cascade Pump –Flame On –Lock Out Fault – Communication Bus Light (Pulsing)
  • USB Connection to Computer –Boiler History – Status –Other
  • Field Convertible from Nat to LP
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • Built in Low Water Cut Off with Manual Reset Limit (CSD-1)

MOD/CON Double Stacked | 600,000 - 1 Million - 1.7 Million

Each individual unit which is double stacked would have 10 to 1 turn down
(Example: 1 ea. MOD/CON 500,000 Double Stacked =1 Million will fire down to 100,00 BTU)

Major Benefits Double Stacked

  • Energy Savings through greater turn down
  • Always have a back-up if one unit needs maintenance .
  • Small Foot Print .
  • Each Fully Assembled unit Passes through 3’ wide door opening.
  • Each Module Light Weight For Easy Stacking Of Fully Assembled Unit .
  • Large BTU Package Zero Clearance to Combustibles.
  • Modules can be set to modulate together or individually (i.e.: Vision 3 functionality.)

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